CT Scan

Heart-rate independent very high temporal resolution of 83 ms. Very high spatial resolution of 0.33 mm. Adaptive ECG-Pulsing™, heart beat controlled dose modulation, reacts to any changes and abnormalities of the heartbeat in real time. Adaptive table speed reduces acquisition time and dose at higher heart rates. Adaptive 4D spiral scan - For whole brain perfusion and dynamic CT angiography. Dual Energy applications - Simultaneous acquisition of two data sets at different kVs. This unique capability enables us to characterize stones, give excellent angiograms, detect gout, detect pulmonary embolism, Direct angiography that provides excellent delineation of vessels, single pass myocardial perfusion, plaque on/off facility in angiography and other applications that are not available in other CT scan machines. X-CARE - We care for you and have installed X-CARE facility. This is installed for first time in India and it reduces radiation dose to lens of eye, thyroid gland, breast & gonads while maintaining excellent image quality. All X-ray and CT installations are AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) approved. This shows our commitment in not only providing you the best of technology but also to ensure that the radiation dose is kept to the minimum.

CT Coronary Angiography

By 128 Slice Dual Source Dual Energy CT Scanner

The ever evolving and dynamic advances in the field of Radiology have given birth to highly advanced technique in the form of 128 Slice CT scanner with manifold advantages over its immediate 64 Slice predecessor.Further, the dual source in the CT scan that makes a quantum difference in the quality and speed of imaging. Dual energy applications give insight into many areas that were outside the domain of CT scan.

This CT Delivers:

  • Unprecedented Image Quality & Detail
  • Very very fast Double Source CT Imaging
  • CT Coronary Angiography to evaluate suspected Coronary Artery Disease
  • Rule Out Coronary plaques, calcification and Stenosis
  • Evaluate Bypass Grafts & Coronary Stents
  • Triple rule out for coronary, pulmonary and thoracic aorta pathologies
  • Other angiographies such as carotid, cerebral, renal, thoracic aorta, abdominal aorta, portal circulation and peripheral arteries.
  • Multiphase, multi-planar imaging

Benefits to the Patient :

  • Lowest exposure to Radiation
  • Very less time taken under the scanner
  • Images are very high quality enabling the specialist to give
  • Accurate reports.
  • No need for Beta-Blockers to lower the Heart Rate in order to obtain the images.
  • Irregular heart rate due to ectopics is no problem
  • Exquisite 3D images
  • Dual Energy Applications
  • Syngo.via software gives quick and exquisite details for better analysis


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